Thousands of companies worldwide are using Jet Profiler for MySQL. Here are some of them:

Pikabu is a social media website where people can post photos, stories and videos. Popular posts appear on the front page and are sorted by user ratings. On an average day, Pikabu has about 270,000 unique visitors and 2,000,000 page views, which is causing massive load for our MySQL database. Jet Profiler is amazing; it helped us to find the most frequent queries and to optimize them. We were also able to identify some slow queries, which are now being cached with memcached.”

Maxim Khryashev - CEO, pikabu

Lancers is the top-line business leader in crowd-sourcing services in Japan. Our total contract price recently reached more than $53 million. However this exponential growth in service did lead to issues regarding the site’s performance. During our initial analysis, we found that the database system was causing a Bottleneck effect on the product. It was at this point that we introduced Jet Profiler. Once we had gone through the settings, it was super-simple to just wait for the server to send the required information. The data displayed was not only up-to-date, but also graphically clear enabling a quick diagnosis. Using this magnificent software, we were successful in detecting / improving the query that was the bottlenecking our service. We will continuously be recommending this marvellous product here in Japan.”

Kei Kinoshita - Senior Web Engineer, Lancers Inc.

“The 3D World sMeet is a popular community. In its virtual world you can chat and make new friends. Since we are facing rapid growth, we have to constantly improve our database performance. Using Jet Profiler, we were immediately able to get valuable statistics, which lead to big performance improvements. We can now identify the bottlenecks and remove them early on during development which gives us a stable operation. Jet Profiler saved us a lot of money in lower hardware costs, more stable production environment and faster testing. It's a great product, and I highly recommend it to anyone using MySQL.”

Sebastian Funke - sMeet Communications GmbH

“APN News & Media is one of the most broadly-based and successful media companies in Australasia. Jet Profiler is an invaluable tool for monitoring, troubleshooting and improving our many MySQL database servers located within New Zealand and Australia. It is a "must have" product for any database administrator, and I highly recommend it to both novice and advanced MySQL administrators alike.”

Clive le Roux - DBA, APN Online Technology, APN News & Media,

“We used Jet Profiler to view MySQL statistics on a very high-level, cloud-based solution. Our customers needed a database that responds and runs perfectly. With Jet Profiler we were able to pinpoint all our problems and fine-tune our operations. Thanks for the great software.

Gary Brooks - CEO,

“Qrodo is a live sportscaster application and service. Users from sports clubs and communities around the globe use it daily to live cast their games. During the development of our live streaming platform we had to make sure we could handle a high number of concurrent users. Jet Profiler found our performance bottlenecks in a snap!

Kenneth Pernyér - CTO, Qrodo AB

“I've been using Jet Profiler to quickly monitor my database and detect performance issues. Jet Profiler's simple and clear UI makes the use of this tool a pleasure. No need to read a 200 pages manual, all you have to do is click on the record button and the tool will start logging your database variables and metrics. This tool is very handy and perfect for fine-tuning your database as you can save previous sessions and compare them. The query analysis is also a big bonus which will allow you to quickly detect bad queries. If you want the best way to detect performance issues on your MySQL database, Jet Profiler is the answer.”

Franck Leveneur - Senior Data Architect

“We at pixeltricks are located in Germany, doing web development and consulting - most of the time on our Macs. When the database server of a new customer's project was under extremely high load, the customer asked us to buy and install a larger box. I read about Jet Profiler and decided to give it a try, because the traffic on that website seemed not to be too high and the indexes looked reasonable. With Jet Profiler, it took us only a few seconds to track down the problem and drop the load by more than 80%, eliminating the need for a larger server. Guess what the problem was? It was mainly a huge locking problem that caused the load.”

Ramon Kupper - Managing Director, pixeltricks GmbH

“As a hosting company, we daily have to operate large amount of servers running everything from web, database, terminal, exchange etc. One of our core businesses is hosting large web solutions/portals, based on PHP and MySQL. Some of our larger customers had issues troubleshooting performance bottlenecks on their MySQL servers, we tried different MySQL analyzing programs but none of them met our requirements. After trying Jet Profiler all our demands were met, and we were able to pinpoint SQL query bottlenecks for our customers.”

Stefan Rosenlund Nielsen - Owner / Cofounder, A/S

“Comapping is an online collaborative mindmapping application with a very intensive database work behind. It has to be able to handle a lot of small updates combined with even more intensive stream of read operations, and therefore exposed a large number of database performance issues. Jet Profiler helped us find these issues and update the queries and schema accordingly. I would say Comapping would find it hard time to exist in its current form without this excellent tool.

Mike Pliskin - Director for R&D,

“BrightLink specializes in interactive business web applications. Jet Profiler gave us insight into a MySQL performance problem we had been struggling with for weeks. It's easy to use and creates easy to read visualizations that aid in problem solving.”

E. W. Looney - CEO,

“UNIMALL is a fastly expanding e-commerce platform that offers products to all teaching and learning persons from the area of K-12, high school, university or adult education. We serve up to 8000 customers per day. Jet Profiler helped us to find nasty bottlenecks in a very easy and comfortable way. Jet Profiler saved valueable time and system recources.”

Paulus Fitzek - Administrator,

“Our database contains every residential property sale in England, Wales and Scotland since at least 2000 and we have 13 million records. We've used Jet Profiler to examine what are the most frequently running queries and what are most expensive in terms of server load and used this to improve the database design and our SQL.”

Richard Willis-Owen - Senior Web Developer,

“At Movetec we do web hosting and development. Jet Profiler helps us find bottlenecks for our big projects and on our multi-user servers. Especially the top states and top tables functions are very useful, they show us easily where a project has to be optimized. Or the top users function on our multi-user servers, which helps us find which user is running bad software.”

Heiko Henning - PHP Software Developer, Movetec

“plentyMarkets is an on-demand eCommerce complete solution, which covers inventory management, multi-channel sales e.g. on eBay, Amazon, Pixmania, integrated Webshop,, Google an many more. Beyond that clearing and shipping management are integrated, too. Currently we got over 1,400 active users with more than 400,000 orders every month. So it is a very strong job keeping all of these processes running and we are very happy with Jet Profiler which is a great tool for optimizing your database setup and your database architecture.”

Jan Griesel - CEO, plentyMarkets

“With the AdAction service Delta Projects enable large online advertisers to target each browser with the most effective message. MySQL is used heavily for analysis and reporting purposes. There are some tools that are helpful once you learn to use them. Then there are the tools that help you right away. With Jet Profiler we were able to find improvements for our reporting system within minutes of starting up the tool. I would recommend it to anyone with MySQL performance issues that need quick attention.”

Per Mellqvist - Software Development Manager, Delta Projects AB

“Empleos.Net is a leading job board in Latin America. In the last six months we have been growing exponentially and suddenly our servers started showing timeouts and slowdowns. We made an important investment aquiring new servers and improving our structure. At the same time we launched a new version of our software and of course query optimization was a must. We hired an international consulting company to help us, and suddenly we discovered Jet Profiler. Using this tool, in just three days we were able to identify our major bottlenecks and correct them. The visual GUI is extremely easy to use and understand. We highly recommend Jet Profiler.”

Johnny Tarcica - CEO, Empleos.Net

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