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Posted April 30th by Jet Profiler team
When Amazon launched EC2 in 2006, cloud hosting (or Platform-as-a-Service) was born. One interesting newcomer in the field of PaaS is a company called Elastx. They provide easy Java and PHP hosting with automated scaling. Since you only pay for the actual CPU and memory usage, the service becomes very affordable. Their user interface is very simple to use and you are up and running in just a few minutes.

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olidev | March 22nd at 05:59
I think a PaaS with more supported infrastructure providers is a better option compared to one with only single supported provider. What if you want to host on more than one provider? This is why PaaS option, like Cloudways are great for PHP apps. This PHP cloud hosting ( ) platform has 6 supported providers along with popular PHP apps on one-click deployment.
Ohon Rehman | November 29th at 04:41
Before recommending the best PHP web hosting, I would like to clarify why you need a hosting service for your website. So, I will elaborate on the technical amenities of the PHP hosting platforms...

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