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Scalable, High Performance Java & PHP Cloud Hosting

Posted April 30th by Jet Profiler team
When Amazon launched EC2 in 2006, cloud hosting (or Platform-as-a-Service) was born. One interesting newcomer in the field of PaaS is a company called Elastx. They provide easy Java and PHP hosting with automated scaling. Since you only pay for the actual CPU and memory usage, the service becomes very affordable. Their user interface is very simple to use and you are up and running in just a few minutes.

Click here to learn more about Elastx and their services!

Excluding queries from statistics

Posted March 13th by Jet Profiler team
The latest update (v 3.0.9) includes a feature for excluding queries from statistics. To make Jet Profiler ignore certain queries, you need to edit the original query in the application code.

Start the query with /*jp-ignore*/ (no spaces), for example "/*jp-ignore*/ SELECT ... FROM ..."

This will prevent the query from showing up in Top Queries and the other tabs. The query will, however, still affect general preset statistics (such as number of threads running and threads busy). Also make sure that your mysql client library preserves comments - some libraries including the mysql command line client removes comments by default.

Jet Profiler 3 updates

Posted March 8th by Jet Profiler team
New updates in Jet Profiler 3 include the following improvements:

  • Improved multiple instance handling.
  • Faster data retrieval.
  • New, more efficient MySQL JDBC driver from SkySQL / MariaDB.
  • Top Schemas is now available in the free version by default.
  • Faster startup time.
  • Bug fixes.

To read the full changelog, click here.

Hands on with Jet Profiler

Posted February 28th by Jet Profiler team
There are a lot of great articles and reviews written about Jet Profiler and we think it's about time they get a bit of attention. Here's a great article, Hands on with Jet Profiler, that was published yesterday by a company called Monitis.

A few highlights from the article:

"I recorded continuously for more than 2 days and Jet Profiler was as responsive at the end as it was at the start. Only the switching between the graphs seemed to get slower when there is more recorded data. But that seems to be logical. Let’s do the math again here to establish the number of queries dealt with over 2 days i.e. 2 days = 48 hours or 2,880 minutes. And with 12,000 queries a minute we have a staggering 34,560,000 queries recorded in those 2 days."

"Without going through all the great features of Jet Profiler in detail, some of them are really helpful in planning your workload. When using Jet Profiler for a day or more, you can see how the number of queries distributes across the day. Another graph shows you the distribution of read and write queries or the distribution of Select, Update, Insert and Delete queries. All of that gives you a great overview of your usage of MySQL resources."

"As of version 3.0.0 Jet Profiler supports another useful function. MySQL is often hidden behind firewalls, their port is mostly not directly accessible. It is often necessary to manually create an SSH tunnel with port forwarding to reach the MySQL server. Jet Profiler 3.0.0 can now create the SSH tunnel automatically and this great feature makes it way easier to use."

Monitis is a cloud-based IT monitoring solution which consolidates backend monitoring, application monitoring, website monitoring, and cloud monitoring in an all-in-one, central monitoring service. The article is written by Gerhard Steinbeis. Thank you for a great review!

40% off on upgrades to Enterprise version

Posted December 17th by Jet Profiler team
If you upgrade your Jet Profiler version from Professional to Enterprise before Christmas, you will receive a 40% discount ($240 instead of $399)!

In addition to all the features in the Professional version, the Enterprise version allows multiple instances so that you can record from many databases at once. It also supports command line scheduling for automated recording.

Click here to upgrade to the Enterprise version now!

Jet Profiler for MySQL 3 release

Posted December 10th by Jet Profiler team
We are excited to announce that the new version of Jet Profiler for MySQL 3 is finally available.

This release includes the following important improvements:
- SSH Tunneling - connect to remote database servers using SSH tunneling.
- HTML Reports - makes saving and sharing the profiling results easier.
- Japanese translation.
- Improved memory management for large result sets.
- Bug fixes.

We also offer a completely new solution called Jet Profiler Enterprise. In addition to all the features in the professional version, it allows multiple instances so you can record from many databases at once. It also supports command line scheduling for automated recording.

For more details please read What is new in Jet Profiler for MySQL 3 and update your version.

If you upgrade from Professional to Enterprise before Christmas, you will receive a 40% discount ($240 instead of $399)! Click here to upgrade to the Enterprise version.

50% discount on Friday 26 October!

Posted October 25th by Jet Profiler team
We're excited to announce that Jet Profiler for MySQL will be featured on BitsDuJour, a 'deal-of-the-day' website that offers extensive, one-time discounts on a variety of great products.

Jet Profiler for MySQL will be featured at BitsDuJour on Friday, 26 October, at the dramatically reduced price of $249.50 (50% discount). The normal purchase price for Jet Profiler for MySQL is $499.00!

If you have any friends or colleagues who might be interested in Jet Profiler for MySQL, please let them know about this sale. We can't afford to offer this kind of discount often, and it will only be available on BitsDuJour for a single day.

Visit the promotion page on BitsDuJour on Friday 26 October to get Jet Profiler for MySQL for $249.50.

Limited Offer on Jet Profiler Professional

Posted August 21st by Jet Profiler team
Our first Facebook campaign has been launched!

Like us on Facebook and receive a 5 % discount on Jet Profiler Professional!

  • This Limited Offer is available 08/21/2012 - 08/31/2012.

Jet Profiler on Facebook

Posted June 29th by Jet Profiler team
The Facebook page for Jet Profiler has finally been launched.

This platform will mainly be used to share campaigns and news about the product. Facebook is also a great place for our customers to get in contact with us and ask questions about Jet Profiler. Our goal is to improve our customer service by answering the questions that are posted on the wall.

By “liking” us on Facebook, you will be notified about the latest news concerning the product as well as special offers and discounts. We also plan to have fun and challenging contests that you are welcome to take part in.

So, "like" us on Facebook and stay tuned!

Jet Profiler for MySQL 2.0.5 in French

Posted January 23rd by Jet Profiler team
Jet Profiler for MySQL 2.0.5 is now available!

We recently announced that we now provide multi-language support for English, German and Swedish. This time, the latest version adds French language support. By meeting requests from our French speaking users we hope to help even more companies manage their MySQL database performance.

This release also contains bug fixes and adds support for explaining CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT ... queries by just explaining the SELECT part.

See also this press release.

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